The Dark Past

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Author's Foreword

This story is based on characters created by March. The behavior of the characters may not be exactly as March would have presented it, but efforts have been made to keep the tone consistent with his stories. You may want to think of this story as taking place in a “parallel universe” which branched off from March's series shortly before the Laundromat story. My thanks go to March for allowing me to “borrow” his characters.

Sometimes, when you are an author, a story comes to you and demands to be told. Your every free waking moment seems to be occupied with thinking about the story until you have worked out most of the plot before your hand ever touches the keyboard. You feel as though the story is pounding against the inside of your skull, demanding to be let out. The story refuses to leave your mind until you write it down for others to read.

Just such a story was The Dark Past.

Note from the editor:

Dark Past is here. Jonathan offers you a story that builds on the Niklas-March universe and answers questions which date back, well, to the Dark Past. Illustrations are by Perry. Thanks go to Niklas, March, Jonathan, Perry, and Simon.

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